Penelope Cowell. 20.
Slowly coming to the realisation that i look like a witch. *pathetically begs for anons*

no more work for a week ayooo.

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i think you mean “rich white girl”

"WoC (1/16th Native American), white passing, economically priviliaged"

woah, i had no idea i was actually a WoC (1/8th Moari), white passing.

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me and dog in paris 2020 


every time i talk to someone it always ends with me saying some anti capitalist remark and them being like haha yeah 

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"Got her hair done, French braids, now she A$AP"
what i’m trying to say is i got some fresh cornrows today.

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maison martin margiela fall/winter 2010

tax returns. what’s up with that?

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i just wanna watch never been kissed.

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got work now but i’m super tired. send me some anon love to come home too.

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